Support Videos

Program Webinars:

Program Webinars are detailed videos that explain how to perform all tasks in KinderConnect, KinderSign, KinderSmart and Interactive Voice Response (IVR). The text of each Program Webinar is available here.

TAP Overview Webinar (Updated 11/27/19) – How all tools work together

KinderConnect Webinar  (Updated 11/26/19)

KinderSign Webinar  (Updated 11/26/19)

KinderSmart Webinar (Updated 11/20/19)

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Webinar (Updated 11/20/19)

Computer Based Training (CBTs): 

Computer Based Training are short videos that explain how to perform a single task in TAP.

Adding, Changing & Deleting Child Photos in KinderConnect

Merging Private Pay Child to PFCC Child 

Voiding Attendance in KinderConnect

Submitting Attendance in KinderConnect

Sending Payment Alert for a Paid Payment

Support Webinars

Support Webinars were broadcast live on a certain day to cover issues commonly reported to the TAP Support Center. Each webinar was recorded and can be found below.

Support Webinar Recordings