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Self Registration

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Viewing Messages

How to Access Training 

Sponsor QRCs: 

Add or Edit Telephone Number to Caretaker-Sponsor

Adding Sponsors to a Child

Merge Parent Records 

Adding Caretakers/Sponsors to a Child 

Adding or Editing Telephone Number for Caretaker 

Operator QRCs:

Operator Search 

Adding Operators 

Attendance QRCs:

Submit Attendance

Enter Attendance Color Definitions 

Record School Session Out 

Record Absence

Recall Attendance 

Adding Professional Day 

Correct Incomplete Attendance 

Adding Attendance to a Professional Day

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View Rates 

View Cases


Merge Attendance 

Merge Attendance Incomplete Parents 

Child QRCs: 

Merge Child Records 

Adding Private Pay Children


KinderConnect QRCs for Caretaker & Sponsor Use